At thebigword, we take pride in our employees and the activities they take on outside of the work place. From unique, interesting hobbies to raising money for charity, we are proud to have so much diversity and passion in our community of over 600 employees. Hobbies and interests outside of work not only refresh the mind, but also help with performance in the workplace.

Discovering my passion

With so many interesting and diverse countries out there to visit, travelling has always been a passion of mine. Nature, wildlife and different cultures have always intrigued me from a young age, therefore I’ve made it my mission to visit as many wonderful sights as possible. I’m lucky enough to have visited over 50 countries now, including my favorite ones such as India, Thailand and Egypt, and I’m always looking out for my next adventure.

My passion for sightseeing arose when I went on my first holiday to Holland to play football. Aged 16, I had never been abroad before and after my trip I was eager to explore more countries and see what the world had to offer me.

In 2001, I made a last-minute decision to pack up my bags, jump on a cheap flight and visit Australia for 3 weeks. Exploring various parts of the country, such as Melbourne and Brisbane, I embraced the different cultures around me. I even picked up a new hobby, which I still do now – scuba diving! I became more advanced and practiced regularly. I’ve now done over 60 dives which are mainly practiced on holidays and I’ve completed an Open Water course in Thailand and an Advanced course in Australia.

Embracing different lifestyles and finding new hobbies along the way spurred me on to take my travelling adventures further and I realized that I wanted more than a 3-week adventure. 10 months later, I was once again packing up my bags and setting off on a new exploration, starting with South East Asia then going onto Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the US. I also enjoy stranger destinations off the beaten track like Azerbaijan, Colombia and Albania!

Going hand-in-hand with travelling, I also have a passion for treks and hikes, doing this regularly in my free time, as well as to raise money for various charities. I recently completed a 4-day trek, The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. Between 6 of us we raised an impressive £20,000, which is an amazing achievement and thoroughly enjoyable at the same time. This year we set up thebigword’s trekking club. So far we’ve completed Snowden, Malham and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks (which was in fact my 6th time).

A different perspective

Travelling and sightseeing most definitely helps my performance in the workplace. At thebigword, we strive for global expansion and better communication. Through travelling and sightseeing, I’ve gained a better understanding of different cultures, and now feel as though I can relate to them more on a personal level. This has a significant and positive impact on my role at thebigword as gaining a completely different perspective on other languages and cultures opens up new opportunities and prospects with different clients.

We strive for diversity and experiencing other cultures first-hand most definitely enhances this. In my previous job, I had management responsibilities in India and was lucky enough to visit the country 19 times. In my current role, I’ve had the opportunity to visit the US numerous times, as well as China and Japan which again has helped me gain a different perspective.

I haven’t visited anywhere I’ve not learnt something and I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!


Rob Rosenthall, Global Head of Business Support